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Here is your chance to pen your thoughts about our website, the less fortunate, the work we do, or perhaps the work that you do (paid or unpaid) and anything else you may think would be of interest…

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  1. peter forrest says:

    hello,i used to work at the day centre as outreach worker 12 years,big part of my life,very proud to have worked have done great job of making it look nice and finally a decent website,well done,all the best in future,peter

    • Mike Pearson says:

      hi Pete,
      so many changes here since your day. The only staff you would know now is myself and Ryan. You used to make the days pass so quickly with your entertaining humour and hard work. we miss you very much and hope all is going well for you.

  2. Paul says:

    I used the day centre for a few months when I was going through a rough patch in the 90s. Glad to see it’s still going strong. Nice staff and very good food, as I remember. lots of gravy! 🙂 Thanks for helping. It was a pretty bad winter made bearable by your kindness, and thanks also to the people who ran the night shelter project.

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